Capital One Group Show

Before I graduated from VCU, I was awarded a group exhibition at the Capitol One headquarters in Richmond VA with some of my peers! It was an awesome award to receive right before heading into the real world, as an artist.

 The exhibition had been scheduled to go up this month so we were given a couple months in advance to put things together for it. I decided to show/ create some new work. I saw this as an opportunity to create new work instead of recycling my thesis work.

 I had been into making lenticular photographs ever since high school and so I decided to really focus on that experience the special plexi glass creates for the viewer. My younger brother was awesome enough to be my subject for the new body of work! As much as he gets frustrated during the shooting process, he’s always excited about the results. 

 Making lenticulars isn’t necessarily the easiest thing either. It’s actually quite frightening to be honest. The moment the adhesive from the plexi touches the print, there’s no turning back. 

 I went down to Richmond in order to print two of the new images. Luckily one of my old professors runs her own print shops and allowed me to come in and do test prints and print my images! That took a huge left turn at one point when this crazy monster started coming out from the printer…. 

 I had to stay an extra day in Richmond to troubleshoot on my files, luckily the following day, the prints came out smoothly and I was able to knock out the printing part of this project. 

 Once I got back to NOVA, I knew I had to face mount my prints to the plexi’s. This was probably the worst part of this project….. It’s the most stressful part. Luckily I had the best assistant ever! Negeen helped apply the plexi down and we came up with a pretty solid method for doing it! Very little air bubbles were left with our method. I really couldn’t have gotten this done without her help! She also helped me complete the actual assembly and staining of my frames.

 Everything was coming together super smoothly until I came back to Richmond to finish mounting my last two prints to the frames. The actual trimming down of the prints went completely wrong on my last one. I had cut the image slightly smaller and skewed it from the actual frame. I was ready to just leave the print out because it was the night before I had to turn in my pieces. Negeen luckily encouraged me to still put the image in the show and we figured out a solution which actually turned out to look pretty fitting to the whole body of work! 

 Finally I had finished!!! I’m really happy with how they came out and honestly can’t wait to hang one up in my room! 

Really interested to see how I will continue this idea in the near future. Here is the statement I decided to pair with my body of work: 

 “The moment eye contact is made with another entity, there is an immediate connection made between the viewer and the viewee. It is a form of acknowledgment that stimulate sensory experiences. The moving images presented recreate this atmosphere where the audience is forced to participate directly with each piece. These developing interactions act as a bridge between the audience and photograph”. 

A Trip To See

Last week I took advantage of my uncles graduation present to me, being able to fly standby under United Airlines! I decided to go and visit my best friend, Will, out in Los Angeles for a week!

 Will made the big jump across the country, last September and has loved it ever since! I left for LA right after work and thankfully avoided the horrible weather that Virginia was having. We were having some ugly rain storms and just really gloomy weather, yea not a fun time. Luckily I got to avoid it and enjoy the sun and 77 degree weather of the west coast!

 When I arrived I went straight to da casa de Bill’s! I was stoked because this was the first time I was going to be able to see his new place in person! He’s got a really cool setup! He definitely was influenced by my style! He has his own bathroom right in his room and a pretty nice snug walk-in closet! I think my favorite thing about his room was that most of his decorations were of all my art that I’ve given to him over the course of him being out there! 

 So to get on to the actual trip……sorry I rant a lot but hey you’re choosing to read about my life so deal with it!

 On the first day I got locked in the house because Will forgot to leave me his house key. Honestly, I wasn’t complaining. I took advantage of being in the house to relax and catch up on The Walking Dead! Uggghhhhh I love that show! (Still trying to catch up to the current season) Later that evening I decided to go walk around Burbank and explore around the area. Will and I decided to grab a bottle of wine that night to just relax and catch up like the good ole times. 

 Over the weekend, I got to finally take a tour of where Will works, Universal Studios Lot! Holy shit! Literally one of the coolest things ever! He gave me a personal tour of all the outdoor stages, including the clock tower where Back to the Future was filmed at! After the tour we went to the actual amusement park itself and rode some pretty cool rides! Had such a blast! But it gets so much better! We then went to the haunted horror night later that evening at the park itself again! They freaking had a walking dead themed maze! Ahhhhhhh!! Yes, yes I cried…


 The following day we slept in and then went to watch The Martian to help us wake up in the morning and just because it’s our thing to watch every movie. We tried going to a comedy club later that night but they closed the venue for a private screening. Stupid people! Instead we went to Griffith Observatory which was gorgeous to see at night.

 Monday will had to go back to work, hate him. But I met up with a friend from VCU who moved out there. We went hiking on the Bird Sanctuary Trail which was so beautiful! You could see the whole city from the top! Ended up running into a man and his horse. They were ya know, taking a stroll through the park….DOPE! Sara ended up taking me to a cool thrift store and scored some new looks! 

 Will and I ended up making the most bomb ass pizza that night ~~~~~~~~ I wanted to cry while eating it! 

 The awful day then came when I had to fly back home. Didn’t want to leave just yet, felt like I had just got there. I was able to get seated on the flight I had planned total and enjoyed it with some free movies on the plane! Got to watch Tomorrowland and the Kings Service Men (I honestly don’t remember the name of it lol). 

 But yea..that was the city of Angels for you.  

Trying Something New

This is whole blogging thing is very new to me so bare with me, PLEASE I BEG! I wanted to start sharing what I do with others instead of hoarding it to myself. Also you may find out throughout these posts that Im actually a hoarder… I once kept a piece of lettuce from my lunch Freshman year in college, thinking I could use it for art in the future (what the actual hell is wrong with me?!?!)

So I’m really bad at titles and when it came down to coming up with a title for this, I decided to look at my records. I saw my Youth Lagoon disc. If you don’t know who they are then stop reading this right now and listen to them, hands down amazing music! I picked to name my blog after them simply because of the title. Im always feeling like a child, especially around my girlfriend. This blog is representing that Lagoon where I’m going to be dumping all my obsessions, ideas, and adventures into. A place for me to come and play at the end of the day. My own big boy playground!

Whoever decides to hangout with me throughout these posts, welcome! Whoever decides to ignore all this……..well………cool…..